Hottie Bootcamp - Grocery Haul with Tim and Thee First Workout [Episode 3]

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Megan Thee Stallion

5 tháng trước

Megan Thee Stallion's Hottie Bootcamp - Episode 3: "Grocery Haul with Tim and Thee First Workout"

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Nicole Sanderson
Nicole Sanderson 16 ngày trước
I wanna know how long she works out for?
Nicole Sanderson
Nicole Sanderson 16 ngày trước
I'm annoyed at my younger self, when I had a nice body like that, I was conditioned to think I was fat when I wasn't. My generation was told your stomach had to be board flat, no indents or rolls, your upper arms had to be the same size as your lower arms, super skinny legs so you could have a "thigh gap". Difference is now, girls want to accentuate all the curves vs we were told to get rid of em.
Zyon smokes
Zyon smokes 28 ngày trước
how they get a cleared up grocery store nobody in there and got all the good grocerys i would get all the good snacks before they leave-
Desmond Pugh
Desmond Pugh Tháng trước
I cnt be her coach. Not wen she dressed like dat.. come on now meg..... ill be to focus on u
Y/N the baddest👅
Y/N the baddest👅 2 tháng trước
“Working out in a while” GIRL YOU LOOK FABOOOO not me out here tryna loose this belly fat👀👀
Kelly Soares
Kelly Soares 2 tháng trước
This woman and a goddess I'm inspired by her body willpower is beautiful body care
Moonlight Sparks
Moonlight Sparks 2 tháng trước
1:47 “How you feel?” Megan “I feel like them things ... at the car dealership” I can’t!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alicia Rohr
Alicia Rohr 2 tháng trước
My World
My World 2 tháng trước
Are we supposed to take a break in between days because I been doing it two days in a row and my thighs are killing me.? Even with massaging my legs they still ache.
My World
My World 2 tháng trước
@Melissa Siller thank you
Melissa Siller
Melissa Siller 2 tháng trước
Yes muscles take a few days to build, you can focus on different muscle groups every day to help this
Lee Guy
Lee Guy 2 tháng trước
Her body already looks good, its going to be amazing NOW...
J H 2 tháng trước
Her skin!!!!! 🙌🏾
lil bunny
lil bunny 2 tháng trước
Does anyone know many reps to do?
DaeJa Shaw
DaeJa Shaw 2 tháng trước
I wanna try the smoothie... But I don't think I'm going to like almond milk
DA BEAST 2 tháng trước
I LOVE IT @3:22 - 3:24.
Amber Bishop
Amber Bishop 2 tháng trước
My problem is I have no money to buy these foods but I am working out
Keeping Up With Kamala
Keeping Up With Kamala 2 tháng trước
I'm popping my baby out and getting straight on this 💪🏽🤍
LOLA FROM THE BAY 3 tháng trước
PUT Recipes in comments ♥️
Samba Arjuna
Samba Arjuna 3 tháng trước
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Dobson Family
Dobson Family 3 tháng trước
Pushes ....bjs chicken alfredo and bites garlic knott 1.more time....🤫
Dobson Family
Dobson Family 3 tháng trước
I'm motivated
NEVEAH L 3 tháng trước
Were there any certain measurements for what was put in the smoothie or wtvv ?
LifeWithRach 3 tháng trước
It was that Parkay squeeze butter in the fridge for me lol. Only real ones know the tea on that.
•Sophia• 3 tháng trước
Gets copywrited for her own songs: 😂😂
Fresh Empire 747
Fresh Empire 747 3 tháng trước
I want a refund show the weighted work outs
Tia S
Tia S 3 tháng trước
I legit take everything from these codes & apply it to my own life
muybueno666 3 tháng trước
No mask in the grocery store?
Jo-ce 3 tháng trước
Ok Megan you the REAL goat. Inspiring women of color to workout out. I COMMEND YOU SIS! 🙌🏽
tylers_dog 3 tháng trước
Megan is soo pretty🥰
jjjenkins2008 3 tháng trước
lol what is point of him wearing the mask, if he's not going to wear it properly?
Candela Yppolito
Candela Yppolito 3 tháng trước
I swear if she don't post the whole workout imma cry
April Mason
April Mason 3 tháng trước
I did Squats with my dog hahahaha
Jason Vasquez
Jason Vasquez 3 tháng trước
Yo megan if you see this you should get a vitamix those are amazing for smoothies or anything you need blended
Sade T.
Sade T. 3 tháng trước
2021 the last real Ass on earth.
Ashley Peterson
Ashley Peterson 3 tháng trước
Yea hes sleeping
Phoenix Phillips
Phoenix Phillips 3 tháng trước
🤩💯🔥 2:56
Wesley Andries
Wesley Andries 3 tháng trước
I turned off as soon as she twerked..... I'm grown
Elena Soria
Elena Soria 4 tháng trước
Girl u look cute
Sofie Fischer-Rasmussen
Sofie Fischer-Rasmussen 4 tháng trước
Came here to look Respectfully.
BIM 4 tháng trước
I hope shorties don’t be at the gym dressed like this. I’m tryna work out
Justin Holland
Justin Holland 4 tháng trước
Her and many others make wanna workout even more.
Jak Jones
Jak Jones 4 tháng trước
How does the trainer Concentrate with all dat juicy hanging out?
Flowers Fam3
Flowers Fam3 4 tháng trước
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Margaret Borquez
Margaret Borquez 4 tháng trước
I will watch Megan do this but wont get up and do it myself
Mr. Imperfect
Mr. Imperfect 4 tháng trước
How can you stay focused with all that @$$ in front of you??
Joshua mynatt
Joshua mynatt 4 tháng trước
4:10 that ASS thoooop
White Swan Poodle! 白鳥のプードル❕
White Swan Poodle! 白鳥のプードル❕ 4 tháng trước
Megan , you can sell work out clothes for women. I wanna buy!
Swade Barnes
Swade Barnes 4 tháng trước
Good lord the bawdddyyyyy
Rubí Rivera
Rubí Rivera 4 tháng trước
Hola soy de México algún día me gustaría ser como tú ❤️😞
Diana N
Diana N 4 tháng trước
that ass tho......... and I.m a woman..pff
MissPrettyN'Pink 4 tháng trước
It’s great to see some many women promoting natural gains. But before Megan there are a lot of women on Instagram that show this can be done. I just think ppl will believe an watch her more. But either ways it’s good. Love the videos
walidah hinkle
walidah hinkle 4 tháng trước
I really needed to see this, I feel so motivated now, ty for sharing this experience!!!
Felicia P
Felicia P 4 tháng trước
On my way to get my membership in 5" of snow
Lene Brantley
Lene Brantley 4 tháng trước
In the other video, when Megan threw out the Hagen Diaz ice cream bars, that really made me angry. They are expensive. I love those bars. So good.😍😍😁😁
Atomaticbill T
Atomaticbill T 4 tháng trước
She motivated me to start working out again.🙌🏾
Max 4 tháng trước
Tim is summertime fine 😘
CRIME DRUGS n REALITY WITH SARAH shady B 4 tháng trước
Smoothies are 💥💥
Renee Cornelius
Renee Cornelius 4 tháng trước
Why is she working out in shorts with her ass hanging out?
Lord Vader
Lord Vader 4 tháng trước
4:09 damnn sahn
Any single black gal
Celeste Addison
Celeste Addison 4 tháng trước
can he wear his mask right
Unique B. Watching
Unique B. Watching 4 tháng trước
I’m loving the journey Megan is taking us on. She motivated us to go to or finish school. Now she is motivating us to eat healthy and workout! Major Hot Girl Shit!!
Enny Adams
Enny Adams 4 tháng trước
Self improvement instead of fake ass. Make sense.
Enny Adams
Enny Adams 4 tháng trước
Who is the other guy?
C Grisby
C Grisby 4 tháng trước
I love Meg. But how is she working out in them shorts ????
Canela_Dust12 4 tháng trước
Yooooo I love your shorts and sports bra and your trainers hoodie. Where did you guys get that?
OfficialJoanne.B X
OfficialJoanne.B X 4 tháng trước
I need to start working out man
Beatadecay _
Beatadecay _ 4 tháng trước
I dont think she could show more ass if she tried lmao
bilen 4 tháng trước
is she working out to gain / maintain / lose weight?
Shari’s Life of Luxxury
Shari’s Life of Luxxury 4 tháng trước
She’s such a motivator, I only workout to Meg and Migos but this new series has got me super inspired
Kesean Bennett
Kesean Bennett 4 tháng trước
She thought she was safe with shit 😭 hehehe his ass was like surprise shawtae!!
Samantha Billings
Samantha Billings 4 tháng trước
as he is drinking a red bull, stop a mf heart in a min
Aleida Orozco
Aleida Orozco 4 tháng trước
ess 4 tháng trước
mfs said 30 min workout was a WARMUP😭 man that’s my whole workout right there. lord
Nemo-Beatrice 4 tháng trước
Ah, so almonds are good for you!
Savanna Carson
Savanna Carson 4 tháng trước
Meg has changed my life. She has made me realize that i am beautiful inside and out. She has made me see my worth and brought back confidence I didn't even know I had. She made me see that I shouldn't take ANY bs from a man. I love you Meg. You're my inspiration and my idol.
itscarobaro! 4 tháng trước
the dog was so confused tho😭
Dee Double U
Dee Double U 4 tháng trước
When they say coronavirus.. Whole foods is included in the cause list. Eat mcdonalds.
John Doe
John Doe 4 tháng trước
Megan, no makeup! 😳
Misha Charles
Misha Charles 4 tháng trước
They hurting my heart wen they throw away food give it to some body in need
sam epstein
sam epstein 4 tháng trước
why he take off his mask to talk in the grocery store????? Dafuq????? that defeats the purpose???
Tiffany Hopkins
Tiffany Hopkins 4 tháng trước
If my butt looked like that while working out, I'd be so motivated lol
J T 4 tháng trước
Can we get a trade mark for the hot girl Meg smoothie?!!!
Sanaa B
Sanaa B 4 tháng trước
When you want the body that she currently has 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Mel Gray
Mel Gray 4 tháng trước
Damn the trainer is hot.
Brittany Tishar
Brittany Tishar 4 tháng trước
i'm a female and wouldn't be able to focus. how can they train her with all that ass owwwt
Sheila Pearson
Sheila Pearson 4 tháng trước
Meagan if you don't cover your bootie up in front all them men.
Tenille Stewart
Tenille Stewart 4 tháng trước
I don't understand how she's suppose to eat unripe avocado .. like why does he buy them super green if they are shopping every two days ????
Glamorette Lancellotti
Glamorette Lancellotti 4 tháng trước
what shorts is she wearinggggg
Pedro Bragança
Pedro Bragança 4 tháng trước
Cant imagine listenning to meg 24/7 while working out, guess you really gotta love your music ahaha
Jada Adams
Jada Adams 4 tháng trước
I love how she’s able to wear whatever and the men in her house are very respectful with their eyes
Lee Hughes
Lee Hughes 4 tháng trước
Jheez ! God dam its gotta be tough being in Tim's shoe's right 3 : 22 lord have mercy Megan truely is a sweet one that's certi good luck to her say that ! .. Bless up . ✌📿💯
Brittney 4 tháng trước
You think Megan cares she got that ass out.....NOPE!
Marquita Lewis
Marquita Lewis 4 tháng trước
I want my butt like Megs. Its so perfect.
Rey Gomez
Rey Gomez 4 tháng trước
Shes gorgeous without make up or with make up ...AND SHES FROM TEJAS .
K J 4 tháng trước
This part of why I fuck with her, she on some real shit. Working for it, instead of buying it. Motivation for my scared of anesthesia self.
The Prxncess Space
The Prxncess Space 4 tháng trước
my inspiration 🥺
EllipticalPuma 4 tháng trước
billy baker right here
M J 4 tháng trước
4:06 u welcum :-)
Kennedy Provo
Kennedy Provo 4 tháng trước
Does she list what workouts she does?
Chioma Hun
Chioma Hun 4 tháng trước
Thanks Meg!!!!
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