Megan Thee Stallion - HOTTIE WORLD EPISODE 11

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Megan Thee Stallion

27 ngày trước

Megan Thee Stallion - HOTTIE WORLD EPISODE 11
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Makynli Mitchell
Makynli Mitchell 13 giờ trước
Girl I done Watch this 13 times
Donyaih Thomas
Donyaih Thomas 2 ngày trước
I know you go slow when you trynna get me sprung, I love dommmmm 😭
msteadman36 2 ngày trước
I almost started crying once she received her Grammy.. 💕
Falilah Ibidapo
Falilah Ibidapo 2 ngày trước
How can you not love her?!?!?? Your faves could neva🔥
Lauren Martinez
Lauren Martinez 3 ngày trước
Plz keep these coming! Love this ♡
Mirsya Rafael
Mirsya Rafael 3 ngày trước
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭yhhhaaassss my idol win 😭😭😭😭
Daisy Mcclanahan
Daisy Mcclanahan 3 ngày trước
I LOVE YOU MEGAN SO FUCKING MUCH, YOUR SO INSPIRING, watching this again seeing you be so happy makes me cry!!!!
Esi A
Esi A 4 ngày trước
Wow. I cried the entire video
Jemima Joél
Jemima Joél 4 ngày trước
this was dope
Shawana K
Shawana K 5 ngày trước #
Scott White
Scott White 5 ngày trước
this is scott white from south bend
Tierra W. Armand
Tierra W. Armand 5 ngày trước
So proud of you Meg
Mona lisa
Mona lisa 5 ngày trước
Crying for you girl! congrats!! loved the whole hour.
Jaylen my jj
Jaylen my jj 5 ngày trước
Lord that is a beautiful woman
ShesDopeLikeThat 5 ngày trước
Meg. The first person to accept a Grammy in her drawls lol!
Jeremy Jackson
Jeremy Jackson 5 ngày trước
Great better you
Lillianna Thomason
Lillianna Thomason 5 ngày trước
Omggggg I love Megan I want a 2 whole days with her like she the bestttr she’s my favorite rapper
Kaysi M
Kaysi M 6 ngày trước
Meg is so fucking Gorgeous!
Kniyannah Nileigh
Kniyannah Nileigh 6 ngày trước
This made me cry omg 😪
Mrs.Smith 6 ngày trước
This was awesome!
Makeda Mabson
Makeda Mabson 6 ngày trước
Love you girlie…. Your the best… and thanks for always being you
YANN 7 ngày trước
What’s the song at 14:14 please ?
Savio David
Savio David 7 ngày trước
I can’t stop crying! I’m genuinely so happy for her 😭❤️
Cookie LeB.A.P
Cookie LeB.A.P 8 ngày trước
“I’on know what you did different, but you did that shit today, yes you did!”😂
Cookie LeB.A.P
Cookie LeB.A.P 8 ngày trước
Love you Megan! We the same age too! 🥰 I’m glad you having a great year! 💝
Jordan Naiomi
Jordan Naiomi 8 ngày trước
Jayla is one of her bestfriend too, YALL could have introduced her too….
giancarlo robles
giancarlo robles 8 ngày trước
How come some videos don’t have ads ? Do you have to pay to take them off when you upload ?
dakota frost
dakota frost 8 ngày trước
it's the team 4 me ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
dakota frost
dakota frost 8 ngày trước
I cried watching this I love Megan I'm so proud of u #myidol #texasshit
Natasha Tootle
Natasha Tootle 9 ngày trước
Z AG 9 ngày trước
Yesss! Now episode 12
Sosa Man
Sosa Man 9 ngày trước
I would hit it and marry it all in the same night 😂 😂 😂 #MeganTheeStallion
OFP 9 ngày trước
I could watch Megan all day
Lauren DeBeau
Lauren DeBeau 9 ngày trước
can I please bottle up your personality & sell it?💁‍♀️✨✨
felicity g
felicity g 9 ngày trước
It's awesome that you let us see how everything goes with making the videos. Great thing to watch post shot. Now I just want to recover and start rehabbing my back ASAP. I'd love to go back to my doctor in 2 weeks doing one of your dances to prove the shot worked.
Jonta' Monique
Jonta' Monique 10 ngày trước
She say No no no you did that today🤣🤣🤣
Jonta' Monique
Jonta' Monique 10 ngày trước
Zip Molly
Zip Molly 10 ngày trước
keira lee
keira lee 10 ngày trước
we love you meg
atim ann mary
atim ann mary 10 ngày trước
Megan positioning her phone on a bottle is so relatable 😩😂
Nur Cahyanti
Nur Cahyanti 10 ngày trước VItaxs: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" VItaxs: BE GONE однако я люблю таких рыбаков,
Crystal Lanette
Crystal Lanette 11 ngày trước
We love you MEG!!!
GlowinNaturally 11 ngày trước
Yes Meg !!!!!!! YOU DESERVE!!!
Jay Gethers
Jay Gethers 11 ngày trước
We got the same bady srry I’m super late 🥰
Bradley Dunn
Bradley Dunn 12 ngày trước
what was the song her and her friend were singing
Lavínia Sousa
Lavínia Sousa 12 ngày trước
* God's grace * Did you know that God loves you so much that he sent Jesus to save us? Jesus is the son of God! And he loves you very much! To have proof of this, we can say that he emptied himself of all his glory and stepped on the earth! Isn't that wonderful? And there's more! He assured us of salvation! He fulfilled the mission that God gave him! Which is to have a death on the cross for all people in the world! * How do I get to heaven? * It's very simple! -Accept Jesus as your Lord and only Savior! - Repent of your sins daily even those you don't know because you sinned out of ignorance! -Recognize that you do not deserve God's salvation but even with your faults He wanted to save you with his great love and grace! Now about keeping your faith -Read the Bible daily -Pray and fast -Go to a church that follows the word of God May God bless you greatly! 👋
Dora Johnson
Dora Johnson 12 ngày trước
Bitch I cried when she won
MIZ 12 ngày trước
Come on no adds!
Laila Woods
Laila Woods 12 ngày trước
ruben thee fish killed me
Linda Carney
Linda Carney 12 ngày trước
Megan your soooo beautiful
Linda Carney
Linda Carney 12 ngày trước
My baby looks good in anything she wears
honeycomb x
honeycomb x 12 ngày trước
omg that lil part w ruben thee fish made me 🥺🥺
KushMaster69 13 ngày trước
Damn her a voice kinda deep 😯
Zensee 13 ngày trước
Babe you are sooo worth it! 🙏 ❤️ Thanx for this awesome episode
Black&Beautiful 13 ngày trước
denay jalese
denay jalese 13 ngày trước
This is a whole movie 💯💕
Jazzyc22 TheTruckingAmazon
Jazzyc22 TheTruckingAmazon 13 ngày trước
Love Meg!!! She deserves everything good going on in her life. She's so real, nice to everyone, talented, respectful and naturally gorgeous.
ABCmouse Farrell
ABCmouse Farrell 13 ngày trước
One thing I like that everything is real about Megan
xX_Hibachi_Xx 13 ngày trước
24:53 they did it perfectly💅🏽 And im proud of you Megan like yasss ma’am‼️
Michael De Biase
Michael De Biase 13 ngày trước
Light skin shorty in the grey is a baddie just like u meg😉😉
ItsRuby 13 ngày trước
Real hot girl shit, ehhh! Love you MEGAN!!!
Roger Benard
Roger Benard 13 ngày trước
Hello am a fan from Norway. But how 2021 have turned out as a white person I dont dare to coment (just this one) or interact on your videos. But you got my support and I enjoy your music 100% Just so tired of this fake BS about "hate" No hate over here just LOVE :-)
toxic_gamer 2029
toxic_gamer 2029 13 ngày trước
toxic_gamer 2029
toxic_gamer 2029 13 ngày trước
Not her vibing to a song she was in-(1:17 she vibes)
Syd Law
Syd Law 13 ngày trước
Her and her security guard stay snitching on each other be having be cracking up
Jasmine Buckner
Jasmine Buckner 13 ngày trước
Meg, I love you so much! Thank you for being unapologetically you 💜
Rob Potts
Rob Potts 14 ngày trước
Did you ever think that theyre trying to test out years of profound research, on the "gods"(psalms 82) and the Sirens singing, the corona virus's adding of the extra y chromosome???? People are dying while theyre trying to create a super human. What about frequency control... rainbows are reminders of Gods promise. White light, becomes a rainbow. The music industry is influencing the sensitive, loving and caring young men of the next age into thinking that "men" want this trash. This is idolatry and creating beasts out of the images of God. We do not get to play God. We are gods but not God. Therefore, we are all reflections back of god. We have as many types of living creates, as strains of bud... only one humanoid. Just different colors, shapes and sizes. Yet, lets teach hate and racism. Ooooooooohhhkay beyonka bungbong. #heyoka
Ife Collins
Ife Collins 14 ngày trước
Wow what a blessing even though her family is deceased an is watching from heaven at least her day 1s is there for that moment !!
Harris Eddy Gotter
Harris Eddy Gotter 14 ngày trước
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Moise Official
Moise Official 14 ngày trước
I don’t like her music, not even a little bit. It’s not personal, I actually don’t like all artists who are related to her kind of music.
Phdn Self
Phdn Self 14 ngày trước
Your a negative ass person so you ain’t shit your damn self..If you don’t like something keep it pushing or you gon be mad forever😩
Shaurya Oberoi
Shaurya Oberoi 14 ngày trước
why is this video so underrated?
Bruna Freitas
Bruna Freitas 14 ngày trước
She's everything to me
Drey B
Drey B 14 ngày trước
Every time she says “WE” got a Grammy.. my heart does this…🥰
Donveyea Fleming
Donveyea Fleming 14 ngày trước
LaShonda Amazin Hicks
LaShonda Amazin Hicks 14 ngày trước
The WORK THAT IS DONE IN THE BACKGROUND IS FYI FYI😍😍😍Studying and adding tokens
The Capalot Channel
The Capalot Channel 14 ngày trước
Best Hottie World Episode Ever! I almost cried 😭😭 so proud of you meg!
박예정 14 ngày trước
아웅 우래기🤍🖤 활동 더해줘 ㅋ 🖤🤍
Ariel Simone
Ariel Simone 15 ngày trước
I cried! i’m so proud of you meg!
Ariel Simone
Ariel Simone 15 ngày trước
Meg has great people around her !
TREMFJONES 15 ngày trước
Im calling it first hottie world will be on tv
Asia Asia
Asia Asia 15 ngày trước
That’s MEE Stallion for ya bae ❤️❤️
Asia Asia
Asia Asia 15 ngày trước
Celest Arnett
Celest Arnett 15 ngày trước
I loved this episode! Definitely worth the wait! Congratulations on the 3peat sis, you deserve it and more. Continue being loving and genuine. Love your sis and #1 Fan!
✨ xoxo singers ✨
✨ xoxo singers ✨ 15 ngày trước
I would rather watch the 1980 Olympics, I can't do it !
✨ xoxo singers ✨
✨ xoxo singers ✨ 13 ngày trước
Phdn Self, I respect you are a fan of her's and believe it or not I am too.I think she is beautiful and amazing and I was just saying I didn't care for this but not that she is not awesome.So stay positive,calm down and have a great day.Thank you no comment back is necessary because I won't respond anyway.
Phdn Self
Phdn Self 14 ngày trước
Get your troll ass on. Shit dnt even make sense. If you don’t like her..Why are u here???😑😩
✨ xoxo singers ✨
✨ xoxo singers ✨ 15 ngày trước
Ryan jean-baptiste The champion of zeus
Ryan jean-baptiste The champion of zeus 15 ngày trước
Hmmmm i see you charged your profile pic you look real hot!! You're one nauaty sexy woman you knowm that!! Meg?
Phyleicia Dais
Phyleicia Dais 15 ngày trước
Why is it so hard to find a team of females darker than a paper bag? Be so pro melanin until they are interviewing talent smh
Mia Maestas
Mia Maestas 15 ngày trước
OMG Crying my eyes out when she won her grammy !! I love you MEG you deserve it all ❤️
AOA Wonii
AOA Wonii 15 ngày trước
That was so beautiful❤️❤️❤️🎤
Nah'Ryan Symone
Nah'Ryan Symone 15 ngày trước
I cried twice , well done queen 😭❤️
Qyjon The Icon
Qyjon The Icon 16 ngày trước
I miss the boot camp
Randi Johnson
Randi Johnson 16 ngày trước
Megan you are not a good influence for young ladies. And this show is trash and can you rap about anything besides your body parts? Also can you please put some clothes on, and do you have any other dances besides shaking your behind?
Shana Marissa
Shana Marissa 14 ngày trước
lol girl gone if you don’t like what she does then don’t watch
Maverick Dewey
Maverick Dewey 16 ngày trước
Najah Zenthoefer
Najah Zenthoefer 16 ngày trước
ahmedly xgaming
ahmedly xgaming 16 ngày trước
Justin Harris
Justin Harris 16 ngày trước
I'm a huge fan of Megan Thee Stallion and I love her music and I heard she's into anime
Brina 2pretty
Brina 2pretty 16 ngày trước
Congratulations Meg you deserve it. You’ve put it the hard work and time all for your fans and that’s why we love you HotGirl🔥
Reina De Corazones
Reina De Corazones 16 ngày trước
"WHOSE FRIEND YOU IS, RUBEN?....MINES!" NOT Ruben Thee Fish 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kenneth King
Kenneth King 16 ngày trước
MonTeDra 24
MonTeDra 24 16 ngày trước
I want them Megan Knees 💃🏿🤸🏿‍♂️
sema 2000
sema 2000 16 ngày trước yoz like the name:Todostallion?(todoroki mixed with megan thee stallion)... Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ ÆÆ ÆÆÆÆÆÆ ÆÆ ÆÆÆÆÆÆ Æ Æ Æ ÆÆÆÆÆ Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ ÆÆÆÆÆ ÆÆÆÆÆ sorry i wanted to spell u r cool I hope you like it. I think you ain't read ma comment:/its ok
Sugarrr 17 ngày trước
I love Megan so much she just makes me so happy her energy everything about her ❤️
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