Megan Thee Stallion - Movie (feat. Lil Durk) [Official Video]

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Megan Thee Stallion

The official video for Megan Thee Stallion's “Movie” featuring Lil Durk from her album ‘Good News’ - Out Now!
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GROOVER 7 giờ trước
arianna eva
arianna eva 9 giờ trước
Propa Bermuda
Propa Bermuda 11 giờ trước
Song sounds like Megan the stallion featuring BankrollFresh
Leah Zinsser
Leah Zinsser 14 giờ trước
If this dont play at my funeral im not going
Heather lynn
Heather lynn Ngày trước
Finally a video where was i?! Now finding this uhhh this life !🙌🙌🙌❤😍😍😍
lil DRACO Ngày trước
Thats a man but it heat
miquel mathews
miquel mathews Ngày trước
I like Megan thee stallion always no matter what because she is 💎 👸
Fatima 3 ngày trước
5 year old me listening to this song: wait hold up did they say the strip club got the best chicken wings. Also me: yo am down.
princess tiana
princess tiana 3 ngày trước
Idk how y'all gonna get all that money off da floor tbh that's a lot so y'all rich rich
RedSheHulk 1987
RedSheHulk 1987 3 ngày trước
Who watches this past a billion times? *Me*
Yonatan Carvonel
Yonatan Carvonel 3 ngày trước
Krystal the DoubleAmputee
Krystal the DoubleAmputee 4 ngày trước
Megan Thee Stallion girl you should have people react to all your videos. I love seeing peoples faces.
Kynda Benjamin
Kynda Benjamin 4 ngày trước
I love you💖 that is. Nise. The problem is that I love that song
Fely Chia
Fely Chia 4 ngày trước
THE GIRLS:18+ ARE FUCKAEF.UNO VItaxs: This is fine Someone: Says ''heck'' youtube: be gone однако я люблю таких рыбаков ..
vidhya kanpara
vidhya kanpara 5 ngày trước
1:48 ummmm...
Zandie Douse
Zandie Douse 5 ngày trước
Jariah Nicole
Jariah Nicole 5 ngày trước
Add Thot Shit to you’re streaming videos let get it too 10 million. 🥰🙌🏽
ILIYA ILIEV 5 ngày trước
All they where burned !
AnimeFox 5 ngày trước
My bisexual senses are ✨t i n g i I n g✨
jacob 5 ngày trước
second verse was insane
Dallas Witherspoon
Dallas Witherspoon 6 ngày trước
She took Nicki's nasty crown.
MissKushwood O
MissKushwood O 6 ngày trước
Meg is the female Bun-B. She flow just like him. I Love it 🔥🔥🔥
Jesus is God and loves you
Jesus is God and loves you 6 ngày trước
I just wanted to tell you that Jesus is someone who loves you so much. Jesus is Someone who knew you before you were even in your mom’s womb. He died for you, faced ultimate punishment all for you. All so you can be forgiven for your sin and be freed from hell, a terrible place that only tortures.We weren’t meant to go to hell first, it was meant for the devil and demons, but us humans with our sin fell inside when we died. We all deserve go to there, but you can be saved from there and you are be able to go to heaven, isn’t that beautiful ❤️. You are wonderfully and fearfully made and so loved. I just wanted you to know this because He has saved me and i know you can be saved too❤️ please at least consider coming to Him, it’s so worth it. I could be right, and you could miss out on the most amazing and loving Person ever. I love Jesus because of who He is and how loving He is towards us humans who will never deserve this type of unconditional love. If you have religious trauma, please know that people poorly represent God, God is Someone who will never give up on you, and would send His own Son to die just for you so you can exp erience an enternity with Him and love Him. People may mess up, but God will never. Read the Bible and know God for your own self
NSG YoungStunna
NSG YoungStunna 6 ngày trước
Qwerty Asdfg
Qwerty Asdfg 6 ngày trước
what the hell is that dude doing at 2:35
NSG YoungStunna
NSG YoungStunna 6 ngày trước
AmountStax 7 ngày trước
Shoulda cut durk. He is little. Verse sucks.
Drip Session
Drip Session 7 ngày trước
only 4 milli0n views this is underrated
kylie powers
kylie powers 7 ngày trước
She mad his mouth a fuckin pussycat. I'm dead.
Kevaughnthe demon
Kevaughnthe demon 7 ngày trước
Deanna Mitchell
Deanna Mitchell 7 ngày trước
Elliot Free
Elliot Free 8 ngày trước
How's ur foot doing Megan?
Viseversa 6 ngày trước
Probably fine if it wasn't she wouldn't be twerking 2-3 days after the incident
Courtney 8 ngày trước
Open your Bible to Proverbs 31, everyone. This explains the qualities of a virtuous woman. Don't let the devil fool you into thinking differently. Thot (urban dictionary) "A woman who pretends to be the type of valuable female commodity who rightfully earns male commitment-until the man discovers that she’s just a cheap imitation of a “good girl” who is good only for mindless sex, not relationships or respect. If women are products, then thots are cheap goods. More than that, they’re knockoffs: low-quality merchandise that attempts to masquerade as luxury items. They generally dress in cheap clothing, try to act like they're better than they really are, or think they're not trashy but high class when they're nothing close to classy. They demand respect, money, gifts, dates but do nothing to deserve any of it because they have no self-respect, no manners, low self esteem, little education and on top of all that are slutty because they have no self worth."
let's play the game
let's play the game 8 ngày trước
Juneteenth is My Independence Day awesome shirt Get it only 13.99 #Juneteenth #MeganTheeStallion #TinaSnow #OfficialAudio
skyla johnson
skyla johnson 8 ngày trước
All these women can really twerk haha
Lyla_duhhhh 8 ngày trước
Megan and king von would be a game changerrrr
Caleb Williams
Caleb Williams 8 ngày trước
Every Time I Search up Megan Thee Stallion Space Jam 2 it always gives me this
cryingmushroom47 9 ngày trước
Please let me put some stretch to it.
Celia Hita
Celia Hita 9 ngày trước
BloxyPew 9 ngày trước
Octoyoshi 9 ngày trước
It's the best music with shot fired and don't stop of this album !
حمزاوي علاء
حمزاوي علاء 10 ngày trước
Fire8vr 10 ngày trước
Ewwwww what is
Timenoen 5 ngày trước
Soft p
Steven Jones
Steven Jones 10 ngày trước
It's the lyrics for me haha SLAY IT!
MAYU SOMA 10 ngày trước
Not this a visual all you need is a formula 1 man + bandzzzz + a gang of stallions + the cast of P Valley that's a music video right there.
Nelson Alves
Nelson Alves 10 ngày trước
Minha música favorita da Megan 💖💖🥵
It’sAmirah DAbrat
It’sAmirah DAbrat 10 ngày trước
They would be a cute couple
Nur Cahyanti
Nur Cahyanti 10 ngày trước VItaxs: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" VItaxs: BE GONE однако я люблю таких рыбаков,
caryn mccathern
caryn mccathern 11 ngày trước
Ain't my man, but that's my man doe 🥴 sheesh
Alandria Robinson
Alandria Robinson 11 ngày trước
I didn't know p-vally people was in this i had to watch it 12 times
Aaa Sss
Aaa Sss 11 ngày trước
Lizette hernandez
Lizette hernandez 12 ngày trước
Blazing saddles
Destiny Short
Destiny Short 12 ngày trước
did her mama die tho
Destiny Short
Destiny Short 12 ngày trước
megan foot broke
Mandy Wright
Mandy Wright 12 ngày trước
I love the way Megan spits it hard.
Asia 12 ngày trước
You killed that 👏
maxwell tendes
maxwell tendes 12 ngày trước
Sexy booty megan thee stallion
Cj Smith
Cj Smith 12 ngày trước
whoever disliked this is mad lame 🤣
Viseversa 5 ngày trước
@B for lil durk
B 5 ngày trước
@Viseversa but u still clicked on it 🤔
Cj Smith
Cj Smith 6 ngày trước
@Viseversa lmao sure
Viseversa 6 ngày trước
Its wack
Andrew Focher
Andrew Focher 13 ngày trước
"This flopped like trippie redd"-6ix9ine
Rodrigo Matos
Rodrigo Matos 13 ngày trước
Show de bola
DENNY Frost Dabo
DENNY Frost Dabo 13 ngày trước
tayga kingos
tayga kingos 13 ngày trước
Jariah Nicole
Jariah Nicole 13 ngày trước
Imma bosss i can buy the same thing my man bought
Jariah Nicole
Jariah Nicole 13 ngày trước
Who’s here after watching Thot Shit let’s add it too our streaming playlist!
T̶a̶e̶ ̶ S̶t̶o̶r̶y̶t̶e̶l̶l̶e̶r̶
T̶a̶e̶ ̶ S̶t̶o̶r̶y̶t̶e̶l̶l̶e̶r̶ 13 ngày trước
The queen of body ody ody ody ody ody
De’Vion Williams
De’Vion Williams 13 ngày trước
we told you we wanted the What’s New video 😒
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith 13 ngày trước
This should be hitting over 60 million views
matt 13 ngày trước
the views flopped so hard she is over 😭
Tx2 Clxpz
Tx2 Clxpz 13 ngày trước
My favorite song
Keymarley Didier
Keymarley Didier 13 ngày trước
They Went Krazy 🤯🤯🤯🥵🥵🥵
SunnyGirl 13 ngày trước
Pay attention Megan is teaching yall how to have a man chase you. 😉
İsmayilov Elfaq
İsmayilov Elfaq 13 ngày trước
500.000.000 Mn 😍🥰😍
Shae Neverson
Shae Neverson 13 ngày trước
I loveee this girl 🔥🔥🔥🔥 snap Meg
Jeffree Star concealer 9AA
Jeffree Star concealer 9AA 14 ngày trước
I got chills♥
ms wanja
ms wanja 14 ngày trước
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🥵🥵🥵🥵 periodt
NSG YoungStunna
NSG YoungStunna 14 ngày trước yes
I do random vids
I do random vids 14 ngày trước
No cap the song was better before..lil durk.
Jariah Nicole
Jariah Nicole 5 ngày trước
Durk been on the song lol
NSG YoungStunna
NSG YoungStunna 14 ngày trước yes
Zone5brody 14 ngày trước
New Sticc To The Rules (Official Video) out now
Jariah Nicole
Jariah Nicole 14 ngày trước
i hope good news era not over 😫❤️
Haunting Haze
Haunting Haze 14 ngày trước
Same old story. Ass, boobs, strip club, money. That's it
Spitfire Mk IX 1945
Spitfire Mk IX 1945 13 ngày trước
Exactly modern music sucks :(
Shae Neverson
Shae Neverson 15 ngày trước
Read the Bible Meg pleaseeee ❤️JEHOVAH loves u
Miracle Music
Miracle Music 15 ngày trước
She NEVER misses. She's spittin every song!
KCB 4 ngày trước
“Don’t rock me to sleep” entered the chat
Camorie King
Camorie King 5 ngày trước
I mean u do know the original comment is right above this copyright right? 🤔🤣🤣
Chiraq_music _only
Chiraq_music _only 9 ngày trước
@Masicka Music Vevo Official 😭
Masicka Music Vevo Official
Masicka Music Vevo Official 10 ngày trước
Did you Copyright that 🤨
miss monchel
miss monchel 14 ngày trước
@Neko 🤣🤣
Rie zzz
Rie zzz 15 ngày trước
after I listen to this... its a wrap
Oliwia Kryczek
Oliwia Kryczek 15 ngày trước
American music video are huge and the best from anothers 🤘👏🤙👍🔥🔥😉
ℐ𝒿𝓊𝓈𝓉𝒶𝓂ℴ𝓊𝓇𝒦𝒾𝒶 15 ngày trước
Tomeckia Derossett
Tomeckia Derossett 15 ngày trước
Love her💕💕🔥🔥🔥
Young Nomee Rose
Young Nomee Rose 15 ngày trước
Sunni Day
Sunni Day 15 ngày trước
What would Malcolm X say about this type of ENTERTAINMENT for 💰. We do it for the Money, so SAD. All money ain't Good Money. Do better Megan...🤑✌🙏
Tx2 Clxpz
Tx2 Clxpz 15 ngày trước
Good music
I am Nicole Clara
I am Nicole Clara 16 ngày trước
Love her 🤔
Mariela Avalos
Mariela Avalos 16 ngày trước
Oh and I live in Dallas
Peter Swift
Peter Swift 16 ngày trước
Why this song don’t up?
Golden Goddess Cosmetics
Golden Goddess Cosmetics 16 ngày trước
I love how she always has dark skin women in her videos. Hot girls come in all shades!
Erin Benitez
Erin Benitez 16 ngày trước
I like the fucking but part
I loved how she had the cast from P-Valley in the video
Rovi Bellier
Rovi Bellier 16 ngày trước
The beat is amazing .. whole song is a hit. 💯💯🔥🔥
Destiny Grisby
Destiny Grisby 17 ngày trước
This underrated
Erick Santiago
Erick Santiago 17 ngày trước
Since nobody said it Look at Rihanna 2:36
Cade Salisbury
Cade Salisbury 17 ngày trước
Juanita Harvey
Juanita Harvey 17 ngày trước
I love megan☁😊☁☁😊☁😁☁ ☁😊☁☁😊☁☁☁ ☁😊😊😊😊☁😊☁ ☁😊☁☁😊☁😊☁ ☁😊☁☁😊☁😊☁
renee whyte
renee whyte 17 ngày trước
Im only here for durk 😍😍 me hever misses
Monica C
Monica C 16 ngày trước
Girl be could tell me to "shake that booty bitch" all he wants 😍 and i could give 2 shits about a celeb 😂
J Bae
J Bae 17 ngày trước
Went the fuck offffff 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Amanda G
Amanda G 17 ngày trước
Is that Meg on the pole? She so fine😍
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